A company of the LFB group, CELLforCURE is a key industrial CDMO in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products.

Bringing cell and gene therapy innovation from research to industry

CELLforCURE is a pharmaceutical company, and has been a pharmaceutical establishment since 2013, acting as a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) at a large scale, in compliance with GMP and cGMP requirements.

CELLforCURE proposes a one stop shop services from bench to patient and market, including:

  • Optimization and industrialization of processes
  • GMP manufacturing of clinical and commercial batches of cell and gene therapy product
  • Regulatory services and pharmaceutical distribution

CELLforCURE’s facility, the largest European facility for GMP manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products is located in Les Ulis, near Paris (France).

Key capabilities

CELLforCURE’s facility design is very flexible allowing to meet clients needs for large scale manufacturing of all types of autologous and allogeneic cell and gene therapy products, using open, closed, automated “best in class” technologies.

CELLforCURE optimizes and improves your production process for a better robustness, scalability, cost efficiency and pharmaceutical compliance.
All operations are conducted in GMP and cGMP compliance.

CELLforCURE has an important experience, in the processing of a broad spectrum of cell types for autologous, and allogeneic indications.

CELLforCURE has a strong team with a real knowledge and experience in cell and gene manufacturing.