GMP manufacturing

A GMP zone of 1,400 square meters

The manufacturing area, covering over 1400 m2 of pharmaceutical zones composed of 8 lines. Their very innovative design allows the simultaneous manufacture of 8 different products, in important quantities, in their dedicated units within a pharmaceutical environment (class A). Every production line is dedicated to one product, and includes manufacturing and fill-and-finish boxes, allowing different operations to be carried out in parallel, on different batches of the same type of product.

The specific design chosen for the set up and flexibility of our manufacturing lines allows CELLforCURE to exploit installations with totally mastered totally controlled staff flows (based of forward movements only) via a monitoring system. This system also enables the monitoring and continuous control of many production parameters.

Manufacturing operations and files are entirely electronic.

Related GMP zones

A specific zone is dedicated to Quality Control. The samples are transferred from the GMP zone to the QC Labs using a pneumatic conveyor system, in order to centralize in-process analyses and optimize the timelines to get results. QC operations are conducted on site, some of them can be subcontracted to qualified and clients-approved specialists, always in a GMP and cGMP context.

The platform also comprises storage areas for raw materials and consumables, banking areas (+4°C, -80°C and -150°C), and specific areas for product expedition and raw material reception.

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